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Simply put, we need you! But the pups need you more.  There is a crisis in the Southern states, it appears there are more dogs than people. Of course, we know that’s not true. We know you’re out there wanting to help. We’re all working overtime for our precious companion animals.  But we can’t do it without you, the real hero’s! 

 If you’re new to the rescue arena, and interested in fostering, welcome!! Let us try to answer some of your basic questions.  We know, some may already get how it all works, so please be patient with us while we explain to those who may not.

By now you’re probably aware of the tragic number of dogs and cats in our shelter systems. Sadly, the same amount roam our streets, hungry, scared, and in some cases injured. Sauver Des Chiens, among many rescue organizations, work feverishly at saving these lives. It’s no easy task, and honestly, it can be heartbreaking.  But on the other hand, it’s all so very rewarding! You can help…

 Here’s how:
Sauver Des Chiens will pull a dog, typically a German Shepherd, from a shelter or off the mean streets. But where does this beautiful dog go? Sauver Des Chiens, like most rescues, is “foster” based. In other words, they rely on the real hero to care for their dogs temporarily. Some dogs will need a trip to the vet for basic vet care, their vaccinations, spay and neuter. This is an expense taken care of by the rescue. A foster will take them to their vet visits and oftentimes offer a precious pup their first sampling of compassion. So you see, the main requirements of a Sauver Des Chiens foster is loving, and don’t forget, playing ball, and snuggling them until their permanent home is found. Sound good? Heck yeah! 

There are many good reasons to foster, one being, if you’ve been considering a dog and just can’t seem to make up your mind. Fostering is a great way to determine if you’re ready. And you help out while making your decision, cool!

And okay, we have to be honest, fostering can be hard on a heart too. Furry fosters fall in love with the pups, it makes it difficult to let them move on. But we have to remember, fostering is the bridge to their success. A foster plays such a pivitol role in the lives of a shelter or street dog, it’s just THAT important. And don’t forget, another dog at the shelter is waiting, waiting for you to open your heart and home, their waiting for a their second chance. That’s what a foster does! 

We really can’t stress how important a fosters role is in the rescue community. 
Be that heart and home!! Be that someone that changes the lives of our companion animals in need. There really are such things as super heroes. All you have to do is look into the eyes of rescued pup you’ve saved to know you ARE their hero.

Below is a Facebook link of pups available to Foster.

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