Sauver Des Chiens was founded December 2016. Although we are new We are a German Shepherd Rescue that has still managed to save dozens of lives. Our goal is to pull dogs from death row and give them a second chance. This wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of all of our fosters and volunteers. Everything you do makes a difference!

Meet our Founder : Karen Blanchard

Karen & Pups

Karen is one of the most passionate dog loving people our group has ever seen. She is  committed to making sure everyone’s voice is heard, even those who cannot speak for themselves. She is our founding member and has been in the rescue industry for 2.5 years. I think there are a lot of people out there that forget this is a volunteer trade, however Karen’s devotion and reliability would immolate one of someone who makes millions. Thank you Karen! for working so hard and making sure these babies have a second chance!

We also work with Service Dogs of Distinction to donate service dogs to Veterans.