Walk the Dog

 We all have those days. We get tired, even fussy with life’s up and downs. Boy, I do!  But hold on! Wait one second. There is an easy fix to some of life’s stuff. It’s easy and we’re going to share with you what being behind the leash can do. 

Now, as you know this blog is mostly about our noble and beloved German Shepherd Dog, we ARE somewhat biased, but we encourage getting behind the leash with any dog!! 

When you’re tired and you’re missing a step, first thing you can do is get behind the leash!  Yes indeed! Grab up your pup and walk. Say hello to your friends and neighbors, even meet new folks! Smile and wave, that alone is good medicine. Grin big! I bet your dog will too. You’ll be surprised how much energy you’ll have. 
When you’re sad or in a mood, get behind the leash. Our dogs, and yes, exercise have an uncanny way of making us happy inside. They’re both great at reducing stress and anxiety. So hop up off the couch, get away from your television or computer and walk the dog. Forget about it for just that time.  Be happy.

I’m an eater! There, I’ve admitted it. I will eat when I’m bored. What to do about that? You guessed it…get behind the leash! Instead of that ice cream or cupcake, ok, maybe one cupcake for the road, walk the dog. Get behind the leash. 

Oh sure, we can spout all kinds of statistics here but , blah! We’ll just say it makes ya happy! Get up, walk the dog. 

There is much to do behind the leash, things that make us feel good. When I really stop and think about walking my dogs there’s not one negative thing that I can muster, not even if it rains. 

So get behind the Leash with your beautiful German Shepherd or that special rescue dog it doesn’t really matter….just be healthy and happy!

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