A Furry Kind of Love

We all must, at some point, say our saddest goodbyes. Man, what a tattering our hearts take when a furry kids leaves us. Do you ever wonder why it’s so dang painful? I do! And honestly, I sometimes feel guilty because it seems I hurt more for my beloved pup in times of sorrow than anything else. I wonder why that is?
 Let’s talk about it.

We’ve all read the articles about how humans grieve. I don’t know about you guys, but they don’t quite put their finger on it.  Losing a pet can’t be compared to anything. There’s that guilt again. *Heavy sigh*

I suppose you must first have the love of, and in turn, love deeply a loyal pet to “get that”. You know, the dog that makes your every day perfect?! The one that comes running to you even if you’re cranky? And more importantly, the very one that loves us so much no matter what we do or don’t. I think we’re onto something.

Ok…About us humans. We love. But do we love each other like our dogs love us? Nope!  If we did this old world would be completely different. It would be more beautiful. And wait for it…We may even grieve each others passing the same as we do our beloved dogs….ouch. *Guilt* Sorry, but not so much. It’s true. 

Maybe we’re just afraid of the kind of love a dog gives …. it’s so pure and it’s unconditional. Can we do that for each other?  I’d LOVE to think so.  Saying goodbye will change, but just imagine the time we share here, it would be extraordinary!

So, while we’re here, while we can, let’s  love each other just like our dogs love us. Shall we? Lets make this world a better place. For ALL of us. 🐾

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