Hi I’m Bach! I am about six months old and I have a condition called mega-esophagus. I need my food softened and can’t wear a collar (I prefer a comfy harness anyway) or anything tight around my neck, but other than that, I’m a happy, healthy, and VERY energetic boy. I LOVE to play fetch (Kong squeaky balls are my FAV), go for walks, and wrestle with my foster brother who is also a shepherd. I love little kids and am a velcro dog that will follow you from room to room. I tend to be curious and am learning manners from my foster parents like not to counter surf although my curiosity gets the best of me. I just HAVE to know what’s up there. I’m potty trained, crate trained, and know basic tricks. I’m an excellent car rider. I’m a typical German shepherd puppy and I need lots of activities and rules to keep me happy and learning. If you have any questions about mega-esophagus, please contact someone in our rescue, they have great resources and are happy to help. They did a great job with me!


*** We do have resources available to you if you decide to adopt a special needs dog. We want to make sure that every dog is getting the care they need*****