Volunteer of the Month – May 2020

Introducing Sauver Des Chiens Volunteer of the Month:

Congratulations Sharon!

Sharon Jacocks Parrott

Introducing Sauver Des Chiens Volunteer of the Month:

Congratulations Sharon Jacocks Parrott!

Sharon Jacocks Parrott is being recognized as SDC’s volunteer for May 2020. Some of the volunteer jobs she has done for SDC include transporting pups to Louisiana for forever homes or dog training, completing a home visit, and writing up the monthly Volunteer Of the Month post.

Sharon was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but has lived in Texas most of her life. She currently lives in Kemah with her husband, Dickie and college kid, Travis (Texas Tech) plus three cats, an 11-month old yellow Labrador, named Ellie and soon to be adopted Grand-pup, Maggie, a rescued 5-month old lab/husky mix. Sharon is a retired teacher (33 years in the classroom) and now substitutes for CCISD.

Sauver Des Chiens is the only dog rescue group Sharon has volunteered for and that’s just by accident. Well, maybe it was fate. A dear friend, Nicole Polo, was involved as a volunteer for SDC and would often share or create posts on Facebook. Somehow, Sharon was tagged, but the tag was actually for the original dog rescuer, a different Sharon Parrott!! How can there be two Sharon Parrott’s that live in Texas and Save The Dogs!!!

Her favorite thing about “dog rescue” is seeing the happy tails adoption photos of the dogs with their new families. Her least favorite is when a dog in need has to be overlooked due to lack of fosters or funds.

“If I could pass on any words of wisdom to others, it would be to spay/neuter your pets plus get your pet microchipped. I remember horror stories from my two brothers in New Orleans from the aftermath of Katrina regarding dogs or cats that weren’t microchipped. The animal rescue groups were so overwhelmed with sick or injured animals, that many were not treated or saved, based on the presence of a microchip.

I’m honored to be the May Volunteer of the Month. I love how SDC volunteers work together to save dogs. SDC is a special group of folks and I feel very privileged to be associated with them.”

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