Volunteer of the Month – March 2020

Introducing Sauver Des Chiens Volunteer of the Month:

Congratulations Judi Brown!

Judi Brown is being recognized as SDC’s volunteer for March 2020. She’s always there to help transport SDC dogs back in forth from boarding to the vet or to adoption events!

Judi, originally from Missouri, transplanted herself to Houston, Texas but remains a Midwestern at heart. She has been working in retail management for the past 20 years, however she’s currently working on a career/life change. Her current clan as she calls them (she’s a Scot.) consists of two rescued German Shepherds, a rescue cat that runs the household and two ferrets. These guys are her furry kids.

Judi has had GSD’s her entire life and has studied them extensively, anything from dog psychology, nutrition, health issues, structure, movement, etc. Some dog breeds can be trained, but she believes GSD’s need to be educated. Judi has volunteered in dog rescue since 2010 by doing reference checks, helping adopters pick the right new dog, and transporting dogs. She has volunteered for four German Shepherd rescue groups over the years. The only thing she hasn’t done is a home visit, but she has had a home visit herself. She has also volunteered at a therapeutic riding center.

Judi wrote the following: I met Karen Blanchard at Val’s Pals and really respected her mindset that hasn’t changed being that she wants what’s best for the dogs. This is not about ego. She has never lost sight of the real goal. Unfortunately, with rescue sometimes egos get in the way of the mission or the real goal.

This group (SDC) is compassionate and driven to locate the correct family for the correct dog. It’s all about personality, energy level and finding the “right fit”. It’s a two-way street. I used to have a saying “have wheels will travel” so it makes sense I do transporting right? Besides I do a lot of thinking when I am driving. Thank you for the honor of Volunteer of the month.

Karen Blanchard, founder of SDC shares: I have known Judi Brown for a few years now and she is a savvy GSD owner and loves nothing more than to have one in the backseat of her sedan. She is probably the most loyal and trustworthy transporter on our team. She is easy to work with and has a heart of gold. Judi was my Ace reference checker at Val’s Pals. Man, we used to turn around those apps. Her German Shepherd, Juliet, is a rescue from SDC. We are so happy to have her in our team.

Please join Sauver Des Chiens in congratulating Judi Brown for being our VOM for March and a huge thank you to her for her service in helping SDC save the dogs.

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